Home Security Cameras Fake Are Also Effective

by Jason on January 31, 2013

Fake home security cameraSecuring your home is one of the important things you should take into consideration. It is important for you to avoid unwanted incidences from happening inside your house. Furthermore, if you know well how you can secure your home, there is certainly no doubt that you, together with your loved ones, will be safe as well. Indeed, what should you do in order to protect and secure them?

One of the very common devices these days is the home security cameras fake. It is considered as an effective device as it prevents burglars from entering your house. But since there are many forms of security cameras available on the market today, you might be confused which of them you should consider. If your home is provided with a security camera, security system or maybe even dog signs, it can be the worst nightmare of the burglar.  

Therefore, if you want to make your home safer, consider getting home security cameras fake. These home security cameras fake are really effective in discouraging burglars from entering your home. If you are thinking of the expensiveness brought by security cameras, you don’t need to worry as today, there are lots of fake home security cameras.

The price of home security cameras fake is just a portion of the price of those real ones. However, take note that they look realistic as if they’re real. There is certainly no burglar who can distinguish the difference of the real and fake ones. This way, if ever the burglar sees that you have a security camera, he will hesitate to get inside your secured home. This is much an advantage for the reason that you are able to avoid burglars from entering your home with the use of home security cameras fake.

Another thing is that if a burglar is roaming around the neighborhood to look for possible targets, he can do it by searching for the weakness inside the home. If he finds out that your house has signs of security cameras, he will go on searching for another target.

If your home is 50 ft away from the street and you have home security cameras fake, there is no one who can identify if it is fake or not. This is really possible because there are lots of fake ones that are provided with red blinking lights. The blinking of the lights indicates that the camera is a real one and working actively. This red light will be the sole thing which would be noticed by the burglar. Others even pan left and right similar to the expensive real ones. This probably gives you an idea that even if you have a limited budget, by just considering home security cameras fake, you will be able to make your home more secured from burglars. Just make sure to purchase the fake cameras from a reliable store. This way, you can make sure that the one you will get is really of quality and will look like the real ones.

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When to Use a Fake Security Camera

by Jason on September 26, 2012 · 0 comments

Fake Security Cameras

Fake Security Cameras

Different establishments, homes, public areas, and offices are now using professional security cameras to prevent crimes. However, buying expensive and fully functional cameras is not always the best option. Why spend a hefty amount when you can fool others that you have the real thing? The use of dummy cameras is only advisable when you live in an area where there is little to no crimes.

In some places, vandalism and minor thefts are very common. If you live in such a place, it would be a good idea to purchase fake security cameras. These cameras are also called simulated, decoy, and fake cameras. Before installing fake cameras, there are some things that you should know.

The fact is, dummy cameras can’t record any criminal activity. It can only deter potential criminal activities for as long as you use the real-looking models. You see, there are extremely cheap fake surveillance cameras that look like toys. This is something that you shouldn’t purchase because you’re only making a fool of yourself.

When you invest on dummy cameras, you don’t need to broadcast it to the whole world. In fact, it is best if no one else knows that you’re planning to buy fake surveillance cameras. The internet is the ideal place where you can shop around for professional-looking products. Take time to look into the features of the camera (e.g. LED lights, pan-tilt motion, motor, etc.).

With a fake cameras, you will not be able to see any wires. Upon purchase, the camera will usually come with mounting accessories. All you have to do is mount it on the wall or any other visible place. Wireless technology is common these days, and it’s easy to deceive other people that the area is being monitored.

If you’re an owner of a small business, you can invest on dummy cameras that cost less than $150. It is even possible to find good ones around $50. Shopping around will allow you to find the best deals.

When it comes to legality of outdoor fake security cameras, it is still debatable. In a business and commercial environment, employees feel secured when there are security cameras almost anywhere. It is possible to sue a company or business owner by making their workers think that they are protected and secured, when it fact they are not. Using dummy cameras is a personal choice, and you have to use it with extreme care.

If the main aim is to simply deter potential theft or vandalism in a low-crime area, the imitation cameras can serve its purpose. It is best to purchase and install real-looking cameras. Some of the best decoy cameras use the same camera housings like the real counterparts. There are also other options to choose from like LED light, camera lenses, and additional features. Make it a point to purchase indistinguishable cameras so trespassers and criminals will have second thoughts in committing crimes or offence.

Setup a budget before shopping around, and determine the most suitable places to mount the surveillance cameras.


American Made Di2000S-A by Security2020

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Made in USA Wireless Driveway Alarm





American Made Di2000S-A by Security2020 keeps you safe and informed. Its motion detector has the ability to detect people. The alarm will get you notified whenever somebody has got into your driveway and property. American Made Di2000S-A by Security2020 has a huge selection for you to select one which will meet your need.

  • Features of American Made Di2000S-A by Security2020
  • It has a range of one thousand five hundred feet up to three thousand feet.
  • It has an up to four monitoring zones that has a unique alert of audios in each zone.
  • It has an option of extra speaker in hearing the informer alerts within a second location. (the add on speaker is sold permanently)
  • It has accessories connection for items like X-10 Interface, Strobe Light, Siren, and many more.
  • American Made Di2000S-A by Security2020 has a built-in counter together with a digital display.
  • The battery is expected to live in two years (at five hundred rings each day).

About Its Transmitter

DI2000T is said to be an outdoor transmitter unit which is weatherproof which can be overhead or side mounted. The unit tends to utilize an alkaline battery with 9 volts which could be accessed through removing the 2 screws at the black box’ back of the transmitter. Battery is incorporated and can be installed already for your own convenience. Whenever you may want to remove the cover at the back, you have the chance of accessing six dipswitches. The dipswitches numbers one to four have the security codes of communication controlled that should match the receiving unit that is white in color. On the other hand, the dipswitches numbers five and six along the transmitter tend to control four various tones available. When closing such transmitter unit, just be cautious of that rubber gasket which is properly seated, prior to having the cover replaced as well as tightening down its two screws. Its battery must be securely place and it must not flop around in its box.


About Its Receiver

DI2000R is a receiver indoors that isn’t weatherproof type and it has plug-in power supply that comes with 12VDC together with six feet cord. Such receiver can be placed over a hung or tabletop on your wall. The feature of the counter lets you to neither count customers nor count detections that are unexpected for the purpose of security. Reset button is available which is next to its counter that whenever pressed, it would turn out counter zero. Likewise, this unit has 6 dipswitches at the unit’s back. Dipswitches numbered one to four should match the transmitter. And the dipswitches number five tends to control the 12VDC terminals’ output on the receiver’s back with one or five seconds output of 12VDC. On the other hand, the dipswitch number six is at the mean time not used. Terminal screws placed on the back of the receiver provide you an option of having added a horn, strobe, siren, buzzer, or anything which is operated by 12VDC. The other terminal speaker screws let you to have an additional auxiliary speaker together with a wire connection in getting the same sound such as the receiver’s “ding-dong”. A control knob of the volume adjusts the receiver’s volume as well as the auxiliary speaker.

American Wireless Driveway Alarm


Security Camera and Security MirrorA home is the most important investment for most people. It usually contains the most significant items like flat screen television, DVD player, stereo, refrigerator, laptop or desktop computer, jewelry, and other valuables or gadgets that are products of blood and sweat. Losing some of the above mentioned investments can be traumatizing, but it can be more difficult if it causes one of the lives of your loved ones. Sadly, only a few people understand the importance of using high-tech devices to deterrent burglary. According to statistics, it shows that most rapes and murders are cause due to a poor security measures.     

Although most homeowner’s associations are providing their community some seminars on how to improve the safety and protection of your house, it is still very significant to think of your own methods on how to secure your property. One of the most effective ways to enhance the security of your property is by installing a security camera.

 Security camera or popularly known as CCTV is an effective way to pin-point any criminal or lawbreaker who will commit any crime for the reason that it increases the probability of catching the culprit. If you have this device, you can assure that you can sleep peacefully at night.

On the other hand, if you are just new  in a certain community or have a tight budget on purchasing a real security camera, the only way on how you can able to do this is by purchasing a phony surveillance camera. This is great because they look like a genuine security camera with LED blinking light. A good dummy security camera even has antennas or wires, which you cannot really tell if they are fake or not. If you want to increase the usability of this camera try to use mirrors as well.

The advantage of a dummy security camera is the price. Most real security cameras cost from $50 to $100. This can be very costly especially if you need a lot of security cameras in your residence or business property. Using a dummy security camera is the best alternative to avoid burglars to go away because of the message that this device can send.

Criminals are smart and clever, so for you to outsmart them it is very essential to check the best dummy security cameras in the market. There are several manufacturers of dummy security cameras, so you have to select which is the best in the bunch.

Product reviews is one of the most effective means on how you can determine if a certain brand of dummy security camera is valuable or not. Try to research by the help of cyberspace, so that you can get the specific data that can guide you to the finest fake security camera. As much as possible try to choose a brand that also sells and manufactures real security camera. By this, the potential burglar will be prevented because he will think that it is genuine.   Security Mirrors and Cameras

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Dummy Camera for BusinessRobbery and thievery are some of the most common crimes these days. Perhaps, they are the effect of rapid increase of poverty and unemployment. Even if the authorities or law enforcement officers do have strict laws and directives to avoid these situations to happen, criminals are criminals. They will do anything just to make their plans happen. If you have a business, security is very significant because loss of property because it may involve thousands of dollars. Real security camera for commercial location can be costly, so if you are not ready to purchase lots of it, fake security camera is the best choice.

Fake security camera can surely prevent crime to happen, wherein the criminals will be driven away. In order for this device to be effective, it is very significant to follow the guidelines. The best thing about dummy security camera is you just have to invest a little amount of your time, effort and of course money. As your protection is at stake, be sure to select the best fake security camera for commercial location, so that your valuable items are secured.

The first thing that you need to know when purchasing a fake security camera for commercial location is you really need to spend some of your time to study how the security camera works for you to identify the difference from the fake one. It is best to select the one that strongly resembles the genuine one.  Most criminals are smart and they can easily identify which is the real one and the fake one.

Also, you need to know the ideal spot to install fake security camera for commercial location. Remember also that some accessories, like wires and cords, must be installed to make it more believable. You also need to take notice to finer details like the lenses used by a real security camera. As you know, a real security camera uses a lens that is made of plastic. Do not choose a fake security camera for commercial location that is made of plastic lenses. Another feature of a real camera is the led light that continuously blinks when in use. Then again, choose a fake security camera with the same feature.

One thing that you need to remember is real surveillance camera especially the upscale once are heavy because of the materials, but when you buy fake security camera for commercial location they are not as heavy. You can also purchase the same housing as the real security camera to add the security you are looking for. This can surely mislead or trick the criminal.

Finally, fake security camera for commercial location is undeniably the best choice if you want to be protected from the criminals. You just have to choose the right one that actually resembles the real security camera. Take your time when selecting a security camera because there are a lot of brands of this device. It would be great if you will choose a brand that also manufactures a real security camera.

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Dummy cameras are very appealing devices. Dummy or fake surveillance cameras are intended to trick potential offenders or criminals because it seems to be a real security camera that is watching every move of a person. One great type of a fake surveillance camera you can find in the market is the Security2020 dummy cameras use real outdoor camera housing. Read on to understand more about dummy cameras.

Dummy cameras are fake security cameras that are non functional and non operational surveillance camera. Primarily, one of their major objectives is to deceive criminals who have the tendency to do illegal things. This device must be positioned in an area that can be noticed by the criminal. Meaning to say if one criminal sees this device he will think that he is being watched by the camera.

The best thing about security2020 dummy cameras use real outdoor camera housing is that it is very affordable. There are a lot of dummy cameras out there and to find the best one in the market, it is very essential to remember some pointers. To name some few pointers that can assist you determine fake security cameras, these devices are non functional and does not have real lenses. There are also some dummy cameras with fake motion sensors that are installed to look like a real security camera. Some may also have a LED light that imitates the real one effectively. Certain devices may also have flash light or mechanism that actually mimics the real one.  

These fake and cheap cameras are not really useful to prevent thieves and seasoned criminals from committing big robbery. However, if you don’t have all the means, dummy cameras are the best option. Do not choose a cheap camera that looks like really cheap and plastic. If you don’t want these bandits to recognize this, it is ideal to choose the best one in the market like security2020 dummy cameras use real outdoor camera housing.

It would be best if you will choose a dummy camera that is also made by a real one. This assures you that a perfect security camera is the best one because you can combine them together. You will surely outsmart these criminals.

Security2020 dummy cameras use real outdoor camera housing can surely trick potential and miscreants criminals. This is a good idea because it can surely give you a peace of mind that your property and the life of you and your love one is safe.

Furthermore, if you are really concerned about your security and protection, it is also a good option to use both real and fake surveillance cameras together. The real ones can be installed in areas wherein there are a lot of valuables and the fake cameras can be installed in areas wherein there should not much loss will occur. Choosing the right one like security2020 dummy cameras use real outdoor camera housing is the key for you to be safe. Remember that most of the criminals these days are smart.

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Security Dummy CamerasDummy security camera domes are some of the most commonly used types of dummy security camera. This is because the security camera domes are more efficient when it comes to recording if there’s a movement of intruder within the entrance of a certain property.

Why security camera is important? Security camera or surveillance camera are commonly used these days because the rate of crimes like robbery, rape and murder, are increasing every day. In order to be protected and secured, the use of security camera is the best thing to do because it can avoid these bandits or law breakers to do some crime. On the other hand, security cameras are expensive, sadly, only rich people can avail to have this device installed on their house.

Dummy security camera domes use as deterrent to crime is the best choice if you don’t want to invest money on surveillance camera. These are actually phony camera that can mislead the intruder. Dummy security domes use as deterrent to crime are like genuine cameras, but they are not functional or operational to record data. On the downside, these cameras don’t guarantee a complete security.

In order for this device to be effective, it should have the features like the real ones, so that the criminals can be tricked. The dummy security camera dome must be resistant to any weather and water-proof. It should have lens just like the ones common in real one, the material of the lens must be glass.  This is essential for the reason that you need to convince these lawbreakers to do further crimes.

Dummy security camera dome use as deterrent to crimes must have other aspects as well like a blinking LED to provide the appearance just like the real one. As much as possible, it is ideal to select the blinking LED models, which require batteries for you to replace in regular basis. A good dummy security camera dome have a fake wire or cable as if it is working to convince potential criminal to target a certain property.

Dummy security camera domes offer great advantages. One of the clear benefits of it is for being inexpensive, meaning every people can avail. The usual price of a dummy security camera domes ranges from $15 to $45 per set. When you purchase real camera, it will cost you $50 above and you will still need to spend for installing or adding accessories. When you have a dummy security camera domes it’s like hanging a picture frame onto the ceiling or wall.

Finally, even if dummy security camera domes offer you to save on your budget, it does not guarantee you a full safety and protection from lawbreakers. As you know, if there is already a real threat to your property and you, it cannot assist you to get help from authorities. That is why, it would be great if you can still use real security camera domes in some areas of your house just mix the dummy security camera to avoid criminals from entering.  

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by Jason on August 6, 2012

Dummy Security CameraIf you want to have a peace of mind at night, installing a security camera is the best thing to do. However, surveillance cameras are generally expensive. But if you don’t want to sacrifice the safety or protection of your property and love one, using a fake security camera like dummy security camera is the best thing to do. Dummy security camera blinking LED is a just a replica of an authentic security camera. Meaning to say they are just fake or imitation only. Why people are using this device? Many people choose this device to avoid the incidence of thief or trespasses or criminals to enter your property.

This is effective because you can now reduce crimes like stealing or murder or other unlawful act to happen. Dummy security camera is not just applicable for residential but also in some retail stores or businesses. The demand for using security camera is increasing because of the increasing incidents of robbery and crimes that are happening every day.

If you will choose a dummy security camera, it is best to select the one with the blinking LED lighting because it allows you to have a security camera with the same features of a real security camera. Most real security camera do have this feature to determine if there are movements within the vicinity, the LED blinking light can help determine if there is a presence of an individual.

That is why, if you want to have the security and protection, it would be best to chose dummy security camera blinking LED. Many criminals out there are smart, for you to avoid them doing crime you need to outsmart them by installing a phony surveillance cameras.

Dummy security camera blinking LED is not just useful to prevent criminals from entering your property. It can also be used to prevent young children from vandalizing or loitering around a certain property. Using a dummy security camera can surely prevent these youngsters from doing activities that are not lawfully right. This will give them a hint that they are being watched as a result the crime rate can be lessened as well. As you know, teens are not afraid to do some nasty deeds if they are not being watched or no one sees them. If you have a dummy security camera blinking LED, it will definitely scare them.

A dummy security camera blinking LED is definitely the best choice to make criminals believe that you have a real device. The fake camera with housing and camera which is efficiently done by professionally included with fake cords adds to the reality. Dummy security camera is undeniably great choice.

A dummy security camera blinking LED is an affordable choice if you don’t have available funds of purchasing real outdoor security camera. This is also ideal for store owners who want to save on their budget. Fooling criminals is the best thing to do if you want to assure the safety and protection of your property and love one.

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Understanding Dummy Outdoor Security Camera

by Jason on August 6, 2012

Selection of Fake CameraAre you interested in purchasing a dummy outdoor security camera? If your answer is a resounding yes, then it is very significant for you to understand this device clearly. This is actually a dummy outdoor camera which is just a fake security camera. Most lawbreakers are smart they know exactly what points to consider when looking for a fake security camera. To prevent this to happen, it is very essential to look for the dummy outdoor camera that look and function like the real one.  

The first thing to do when buying this device is to compare the dummy outdoor security camera to a normal security camera. Know the similar features like wires and buttons that are available in the genuine one. Try to test these dummy in the way that it will be placed on perfect spot wherein you will be the judge to determine the ideal features.

A good dummy outdoor security camera must be weather proofed, meaning to say they should be durable and can withstand any type of weather. Most genuine outdoor security camera has its protective sticker, so if you are choosing a dummy outdoor security camera make sure that it has a protection sticker too.

Cables or cords are significant features of an outdoor security camera, so that it can send signal successfully. Again, if you have a dummy outdoor security camera it should have the same look as well just like the normal ones. The cords and wires must also be waterproof so that the criminal will not think that it is fake one.

Real outdoor camera usually contain metal, aside from being waterproof it also adds a certain weight. When you have a dummy outdoor security camera they are lighter because it is usually plastic with a little coating of metal.

Always find a dummy outdoor security camera with a noticeable LED running light. Usually these lights are typically battery powered devices. Real security cameras do have motion detector that lights online when there’s a movement within the vicinity and when there is no movement in the area, the light will automatically turn off. That is why try to look for a dummy outdoor security camera with the above mentioned functions.

Always check the metal ring or lens holder because it is the one that assist the lens to be attached into the camera. Some genuine cameras do contain about this information, some manufacturer have its symbol or name printed on the holder of the lens. Make sure to choose a dummy outdoor security camera with these characteristics.

Finally, make sure to check the materials used for the lens. Generally, real outdoor security camera has a lens material that is made of a glass. This is to assure that the images can be recorder clearly. Do not choose a dummy outdoor security camera with a lens that is made of plastic because it can surely give a hint to the criminals. The best thing about dummy outdoor security is for being affordable, it is best to choose the best one in the market to give you protection and safety.

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entrance alarm with portable receiver

entrance alarm with portable receiver

Are you looking for an alarm that would help you in detecting any unexpected entries in your home? Motion based entrance alert products are the best that you can have for the security of your home. You can make sure that you can keep away from those burglars who want to enter your home. With the use of this alarm, you can make sure that thieves won’t even attempt from entering your house. Alarms are useful detectors for these common crimes because you can have the chance to call for help from your neighbors or grab burglars before they even get out from your home.

With the wide selection of motion based entrance alert units, you can have the most effective detector for your home. You can choose the unit that would perfectly fit for your house security purposes. The fact that these products cannot be seen easily makes it convenient for you to place several units for your whole house to increase the security that your house can have. IRWR-3000 and DA50L-A units can detect any movement even if it is 600 to 1000 meters away from the unit. With this feature, you can make sure that even if the burglar is just starting to attempt from entering your house, he can be detected easily.

The DA50L-A unit would let you add any accessories that would help in making your home more secured. The units are not only suitable for your homes but with your other properties as well such as your store. There are units that can be used to detect either the entrance or the exit of your customers. Different units would let you know every time a customer enters or exits from your store through the pleasant sounds of chimes as an alarm. Other units that are commonly used as motion detectors are placed in warehouses to warn them if there are certain entries or exits to and from the warehouse. The IRPR-3000 unit has a receiver that makes it easy for you to detect the entrance of any person or vehicles in your warehouse. The unit can also have a speaker that would make it easier for you.

Motion based entrance alert units are well designed to help you in controlling any incidents of theft in your home or in your stores or warehouses. The units have uncomplicated wiring that makes the installation easier and won’t let you have any wirings that would complicate your store operation. These alarms can be placed in the ceiling, have it mounted in your wall or place it in any entrance or exits. You can purchase the product at a very affordable price and it also features a warranty. The warranty of the product enables you to try if the product that you have purchased functions well and would have it replaced immediately if it does not work accordingly. With all the features that motion based entrance alert units can give you, you can make sure that your house and your store or warehouse are safe from any incidents of theft that may happen.