Exit Alarms

Exit Alarms do just as the name implies - when a doorway is exited, an alarm sounds. There are many different types of exit alarms available. Security2020.net carries the ALARM LOCK 250 and ALARM LOCK 700 Emergency Panic Bars. This are high quality exit alarm to effectively lock the door but offer the ability to quickly exit in an emergency situation. The EX-1 is the STI-6500 by Safety Technology International. For years we have carried many different types of exit alarms from many different manufacturers. This little gem of an exit alarm has some great features you just want find in any other product close to this price point. Set up and installation is super-easy. This is a DIY type product that is commercial grade. You won't go wrong with this product. Take a moment to browse through the many exit alarms you see below. These products may be a bit confusing because many seem similar. To help you out and find a solution that properly suits your needs, please do not hesitate to call us a 800-366-7235.

Alarm Lock - Alarmed Emergency Panic Bar 700

CODE: 700


Alarm Lock's best-in-class panic bars used to monitor exits by unauthorized personal.    If someone exits when the unit is armed, a loud, 95db siren alerts management.  Available in a standard model or packed with features, Security2020 carries them all.

Contact Exit Alarm ST10


$69.98   $49.98

The ST-10 door control/exit alarm was designed as an inexpensive way of controlling unlocked back-doors. It alerts you every time an unauthorized exit is being made.  This is a solid emergency exit alarm and is easy to install.

Exit Alarm EX-1 (STI-6500)


$86.00   $75.98

Now you can guard both unauthorized entries as well as exits made through any door in your commercial establishment or home. Use the EX-1 exit alarm.

Exit/Panic Alarm Deadbolt Lock 250

CODE: 250


The SirenLock™ Model 250 is a UL Listed Panic Alarm deadbolt devices which restrict unauthorized use of exit doors by sounding an alarm, while providing instant egress in emergencies.


GE Door Stop Alarm LH-50246

CODE: LH-50246

$24.98   $19.98

At times, intruders may try and use force to push open a door when nothing else works. The GE LH-50246 Door Stop Alarm will sound a loud 120dB alarm when pressure is applied against a door.

GE Wireless Home Security Alarm Kit LH-51107

CODE: LH-51107

$59.98   $49.98

If you are looking to install alarm systems in your home and would prefer an easy to use device with a hassle free setup, then the LH-51107 GE Wireless Home Security Alarm Kit will be a perfect choice.

Key Pad Entry Contact Alarm HS4317D


$47.98   $29.98

The HS4317D is an advanced magnetic contact alarm system that can be controlled with a keypad. You can have your own personal keypad code to arm and disarm the unit. 

Magnetic Window Alarm LH-56789

CODE: LH-56789

$17.98   $14.98

The LH-56789 is a magnetic contact based window alarm that will sound a 120dB alarm the moment someone attempts to break into the window.

Rex Plus Electronic Watchdog


$124.98   $84.98

Who's REX? Rex is the super watchdog because he does what even the best living and breathing watchdog can't do (without some of the annoying problems that go with owning a dog).

Wireless Security Door Alarm RC2215

CODE: RC2215

$59.98   $19.98

The RC2215 is a powerful wireless security alarm with features like built in battery backup and a 75 feet operating range.

More About Exit Alarms

Entry to your home or business premise will never be as easy with Security2020.net’s range of door alarms, window alarms and exit alarms.

Completely self contained units based on magnetic contact, you will be notified instantly the moment a protected door or window is opened. You will never miss an entry or an unauthorized exit ever again.

And if you are looking to extend this security to areas outside your home, then there is no one better to guard you than REX, our electronic watchdog. Rex offers all the positives of a watchdog minus all the hassles of owning one. Greet intruders with the loud growl of a ferocious German Shepard with Rex on the job! 

User friendly, easy to install and easier to use, these alarm systems are ideal if you are looking for an inexpensive yet effective way to protect your home.