Dummy Security Domes

 Security2020.net is the manufacturer of these products and we stand behind the quality!

Experts agree that Dummy Security Domes are a cost-effective way to prevent crime.  Whether these domes are replicas or housing for real cameras, our domes offered in a variety of sizes, with flashing red led, or even solar powered, will deter even the most hardened criminal


  • Easy to install indoors or outdoors
  • Near perfect replicas or made from real working dome cameras
  • Some models offered with red led to give apperance of camera being "on"
  • Offered in a variety of sizes
  • Solar model offered



Fake Camera Dome with LED

Dummy Security Dome DM1


$24.98   $8.95
There is something about the dummy dome security camera that is scary for burglars. It is impossible to know which way the camera is pointed unless you look closely. And this is the reason why Security2020.net brings to you one of the most perfect replicas of all times in the Dummy Fake Security Dome DM1.

Dummy Security Dome DM5


$29.98   $11.95
It’s easy to buy a dummy security dome camera. But it is extremely difficult to find a very convincing replica of a dome security camera, one that can fool even the most sophisticated criminal. The Dummy Security Dome DM5 is just that.

Dummy Security Dome DM6


$29.98   $12.95
Our Dummy Security Dome DM6 creates the illusion of a watchful presence. Complete with a cable, swivel mount, hardware and flashing LED indicator light, the dummy security dome DM6 is the perfect inexpensive way to protect your home or office from criminals.

Dummy Security Dome DM7


$29.98   $9.95
Unlike some of the other cheaper dummy camera models available in the market today, the Dummy Security Dome DM7 is as authentic as they get. In a blind test that we conducted with security experts, even they were not able to spot it from the real one.

ODOME Outdoor Dummy Dome


$64.98   $34.98

Some smart person once said that, 'If you have it, flaunt it'. That's precisely what you will do with the ODOME. It is a large sized fake dome security camera that sticks out like a sore thumb. has been modified from a real dummy camera. NEW Solar Powered model available!

  • Battery Powered LED Light ($35.98)
  • Solar Powered LED Light ($36.98)
  • No LED Light ($34.98)