Outdoor Fake Cameras

Security2020 will put our outdoor fake security cameras up against any on the market.  That's because most of the outdoor fake security cameras we use are actually constructed out of the same materials used to house live or actual functioning security cameras.  Most security cameras are actually pretty small and will be inserted into a more rugged outer housing unit to protect them.

We take that same outer camera housing to build many of our outdoor security cameras.  Offered in a variety of options, we build them to order in our warehouse.  We can place a darkened/opaque lens over the viewing lens. with a flashing red LED or without a flashing red LED.

We also offer the outdoor fake security camera with a clear viewing lens.  Inside this lens we insert a faux camera lens.  Even close up, this looks like a live camera, but when posted higher, out of eye level, it is virtually undetectable.  This same model is available with or without a red flashing LED.

A product we are very proud of is our SC2060-OD SOLAR.  This is the fake security camera to have.  It features the clear viewing lens, a faux cameras insert, and a flashing red LED.  The thing that really makes this outdoor fake security camera unique is that it has a small solar panel affixed to the top (out of sight) that recharges the batteries that power the flashing LED.

Outdoor Fake Security Camera SC2040-OD


$54.98   $36.98
If you live in an area where vandalism is frequent and you would like to opt for a low cost security solution that works, then our Outdoor Dummy Security Camera SC2040-OD is the perfect choice. Create a fake sense of security by installing this perfect replica of a real outdoor camera. The Dummy security camera is now avaialble in NEW Solar Powered model available!

Outdoor Fake Security Camera SC2045

CODE: SC2045

$55.98   $34.98
Criminals today can easily spot the difference between a real and a cheap fake dummy camera. So security2020.net is extremely cautious about the design of our dummy cameras. Our strategy is simple. We take a real working surveillance cam and remove the electronics within. The appearance is that of an authentic working camera.

Outdoor Fake Security Camera SC2060-OD


$45.98   $36.98

Why would you want to install an expensive video surveillance camera outdoors when you can deter crime with an inexpensive dummy video camera? Security2020.net brings to you the king of all dummy cameras, the Dummy Security Camera SC2060-OD. NEW Solar Powered model available!

  • Battery Powered Flashing LED Light ($36.98)
  • Solar Powered Flashing LED Light ($41.98)

Designed to survive in hostile weather conditions and environments, the outdoor dummy camera is a tougher and upgraded version of its indoor counterpart. Now you can protect your garage, patio, underground parking lot or just about any area, with the perfect illusion! The illusion just got better We have just enhanced the outdoor dummy camera with a red LED light on the external casing. This light flashes to indicate that the camera is working. Believe it or not, there mere look of this outdoor dummy camera can cause jitters in the minds of potential intruders or vandals. Why Security2020.net? Because we have the best models at the best prices! Be it bullet cameras or outdoor dome cameras, security2020.net is the best place to buy them!