Inspection Security Mirror

Inspection Mirrors to View Undersides of Automobiles, Tractor Trailers, Buses, etc. to enhance Security

  • Available in round convex and flat mirror lens 
  • Easily Adjustable Handle 
  • Lenses have heavy duty rubber gasket around lenses to protect it
  • Inspetion mirrors are available with caster wheels
  • Light weight handles
  • Low 3-1/2" Ground Clearance
  • Also available with flashlight

Shipping Note for Mirrors

Please note, all mirror shipments over 13 inches will require an additional shipping fee. At checkout, you will charged the flat shipping rate of $9.95. We will get a shipping quote to your shipping address and call you with the estimate. We do not overcharge on shipping and the estimate will be based on our cost of shipment. We will deduct the $9.95 flat rate fee you paid a checkout from the shipping cost.