Wireless Home Security Systems

Looking for a wireless home security system?

Security2020 offers a huge selection of wireless alarm systems that are simple to install and configure.

About Home Security Alarm Systems

Home Alarm Systems The home security alarm systems offered at security2020.net are offered with the Do-It-yourself installer in mind. These products are easy to install, have additional add-on products and accessories to expand your system, and are easy to maintain. With Skylink Security Alarm Systems, you do not have to have a strong background in electrical wiring or experience installing security systems. These systems are really easy to install, even for people who do very little home improvement type work. Save money and protect your family at the same time, get a do it yourself burglar alarm system today and start protecting your family. The facts suggest that homes without a burglar home alarm system are three times more likely to get broken into than homes without. Like many other theft protection systems, your home alert system needs to be deterrent as well as a functional alarm system--just the simple fact that a potential thieve knows your home is protected is often enough to deter.

We also carry a full line of the Skylink Security Accessories such as add on garage door monitors, panic transmitters, emergency dialers, and other accessories that will compliment your existing skylink home security system or complete your systme.  Wireless window, door contacts may be added to extend the coverage area of your Skylink Home Security System.  Emergecy dialers are included in the SC-1000 kits, but are also available as Skylink Security Accessories for adding on to your existing system.  An emergecy dialer is the mechanism that allows phone numbers to be dialed when the system is triggered.

Closely related to the Sylink Home Security Systems are the Skylink Household Alerts.  These are alerts you can use independently from a home security system or tie into a other house hold alerts.  These Skylink Household Alerts are used when you want to be alerted when the garage door opens, a hot water heater in the basement leaks, or a window opens, etc.  These alerts are perfect in situations when you do want or need an entire home monitored, or if you already have a system in place.  House Alerts are add on devices or complimentary to an entire home monitoring system.  Although they work great, it is not recommended to use them as a replacement for an overall home or business security plan or set up.

Just as the wireless home security system has additional accessories, so does the house hold alert systems.  Household Alert Accessories include items such as motion detectors, water sensors, and garage door monitors.  If you have a current house hold alert system, for example, and you want add monitoring for the garage door, Skylink Household Alert Accessories has a garage door monitor sensor to add.